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"A Macabre Surprise" is a captivating short film directed by Giselle Gomez and written by Nicholas Venecia. Starring the talented duo of J.M. Torres and Krystal Gamez, the film delves into the dark realms of betrayal and vengeance.

Set against the backdrop of a shattered relationship, the story follows Jaxon, portrayed by J.M. Torres, who stumbles upon his fiance's affair with the mailman, sending him spiraling into a vortex of rage and retribution. With meticulous planning, Jaxon orchestrates a sinister scheme, luring the unsuspecting mailman into delivering a package that seals his own fate.

Despite its modest budget of $150, allocated primarily for food and production design, "A Macabre Surprise" transcends its limitations to deliver a gripping narrative. Originally conceived as a precursor to a larger project titled "Decisions: A Macabre Surprise," time and budget constraints led to the birth of this compelling short film.

Innovative filmmaking techniques, such as the utilization of the Edelkrone JibOne for capturing multiple versions of Jaxon within the frame, add depth to the storytelling. Symbolism permeates every aspect of the production, from the strategic placement of characters to the meticulously crafted set design. The juxtaposition of light and darkness, tools of violence, and the doorway of opportunity all serve to underscore the protagonist's inner turmoil and moral dilemma.

A notable detail is the deliberate transition to black and white, signifying Jaxon's descent into single-minded determination, with the last burst of color marking a pivotal moment of realization. Krystal Gamez's character, Delilah, remains enigmatic, her entrance symbolizing an inevitable confrontation and closure for Jaxon.

Behind the scenes, Giselle's directorial debut adds a layer of authenticity to the project, her collaboration with Nicholas Venecia and J.M. Torres elevating the performances and narrative coherence. Though constraints prevented the inclusion of an intended ending scene, the film's editing process led to the incorporation of striking visual elements, such as the haunting isolation of the devil amidst crimson hues and darkness.

"A Macabre Surprise" stands as a testament to the creative ingenuity and collaborative spirit of its makers, offering audiences a chilling glimpse into the consequences of betrayal and the depths of human psyche.

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