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Step into the captivating universe of "Good Writers Are Rare," a psychological thriller that marks the directorial debut of J.M. Torres. With a runtime of 15 minutes, this film navigates the complex terrain of ambition and deception. Crafted on a modest budget of $1200, this project came to life through the collaborative efforts of a dedicated team.

J.M. Torres, both director and writer, embarked on a challenging journey to bring this cinematic gem to fruition. Collaborating closely with Nicholas Venecia, the Director of Photography and Assistant Writer, the duo honed the script through months of meticulous revisions and creative input from various contributors.

Casting played a pivotal role in realizing the director's vision, with multiple auditions held to assemble the perfect ensemble. The result is a compelling narrative that challenges the audience's perception of reality, drawing inspiration from the elusive world of "ghost writers."

"Good Writers Are Rare" unfolds in various locations, adding depth to its storytelling. The majority of the film is set within Eleonore's house, providing the atmospheric backdrop for the intricacies of the plot. Additionally, the final scene, despite its seamless integration into Eleonore's residence, was actually shot in a school theater. This cinematic sleight of hand demonstrates the film's dedication to creating a seamless, immersive experience for the audience. The utilization of distinct locations enhances the visual and narrative richness of the project.

As "Good Writers Are Rare" explores the thin line between reality and deception, the title itself was carefully chosen. Inspired by a quote from Henry Lewes – "Good writers are of necessity rare" – the film pays homage to the scarcity of true writing talent, reflecting the struggles faced by characters like Eleonore in the narrative.

Join us on this cinematic journey where ambition and deception intertwine, and discover the rare talent showcased in J.M. Torres' directorial debut, "Good Writers Are Rare."

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