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Founder | Owner | DOP

Founder | Owner | Editor

Owner | Producer

At Dopamine Productions, we thrive on the relentless energy of a fearless collective. They are the driving force, the exceptional creatives with whom we fearlessly collaborate to shatter filmmaking boundaries. Together, we weave riveting narratives that carve an indelible mark on the world of art and storytelling, electrifying souls and captivating hearts with unapologetic brilliance. Welcome to our realm of creativity. Welcome to Dopamine.

Writer | Director | Producer

Director | DOP | Writer

Producer | Director | Writer

Stunt Coordinator | 2nd AC

AD | Writer

Production Design

Gaffer | Grip

Production Design | Prop Master

Cam Op | 1st AC

CGI | Editor

Producer | Writer

Grip | B.T.S.

DOP | Cam Op

Sound Mixer | Boom Op

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